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Who are The Lost Society?


Director + travel designer + keeper of shepherd's huts

The Lost Society | Boutique African Safari and Travel Experiences

Rebecca has been obsessed with seeing the world for longer than she can remember. Her first trip to Africa was to Tanzania in 2006. In 2010 she swapped deep snow drifts in the UK for deep red sand dunes in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, tucked between the borders of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. She has been getting lost on purpose all over Africa and beyond ever since. 


From her experience as a lodge manager and a travel writer for a respected guide book, Rebecca has explored South Africa inside out; sampling life as a chef, a cheetah research assistant and a wildlife documentary assistant, amongst other things. "I started The Lost Society because I believe that the magic of travel is about more than just ticking off sites on a list. All my best travel moments have happened when people I've met along the way have shared a little piece of their stories with me; from letting me tag along with them filming leopards at night, to climbing up secret waterfalls and traipsing miles across cities to find the best pina colada. Finding these experiences is what I live for and what I love to share."

Last known location: Living the ranch life in the Great Karoo and catching up with old friends from the Cape to the Kruger

Next stop: Sailing her way around Corfu whilst eating her body weight in olives and tsatziki

Favourite sundowner: Gin and tonic (some say boring, others say classic, Rebecca says 'it keeps the mozzies away')


The Lost Society

Catherine - England

Manager of Everything, Linger + Gather

Catherine photo_edited_edited.jpg

Catherine began her career as a primary school teacher, helping young minds (in particular those with learning difficulties) to reach their potential when others had already given up on them. Her gift for teaching, combined with her love for the great outdoors and conservation, resulted in eco clubs and outdoor learning, and countless happy children (and parents).


Recently Catherine has embraced the van life, and can regularly be found gallivanting about the UK with Florence, her converted ambulance; paddle boarding, wild-swimming and hiking up mountains to watch the sun rise. She’s also a dab hand with a paint brush and is pretty creative too; she loves up-cycling and crafting. Of GREAT importance for us, she is an organisational wizard and manages the day to day operations of Linger and Gather; nurturing minds of all ages and helping us all to reach our potential.

Like most members of The Lost Society, Catherine is rather partial to a G&T (she owns an impressively extensive gin collection), but like most teachers probably wouldn’t say no to most alcoholic beverages. Except beer. Well, there you have it.

Last known location: Exploring the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall

Next stop: Adventuring in the Scottish Highlands in her campervan

Favourite sundowner: G&T or local cider (or anything she remembered to pack in the van...)


Jen - USA

Frontier travel specialist + negroni advocate

Jen Curran.jpg

Originally from Wisconsin, Jen's adventuring spirit has kept her on the move for the last 15 years or so to over 45 countries.  Through her work in international development she has worked in 35 countries to date, over 20 of them in Africa. She also speaks fluent Swahili, which is pretty impressive, especially when you're from Wisconsin. Jen is the new best friend you never knew you needed, she is your passport to the places you never knew you wanted to visit.

With an extensive educational and experiential background in sustainable development, Jen loves nothing more than joining her three passions; travel, conservation and development. "I feel now that it has become my life's purpose to help protect & share some of the wild places that have brought me so much joy. When I travel, I really dive in deep. I try all the food, all the hotels/lodges, all the shopping, all the experiences, ask all the questions and meet all the people."

Last known location: Attending more jazz festivals than most people have hot dinners, in her beloved soul city, New Orleans

Next stop: Currently planning to squeeze three years of travel in to one

Favourite sundowner: Negroni (and she WILL try to convert you - although she has thus far failed to convert Rebecca)


Mario - South Africa

Zambia Safari Expert + professional mood booster

MARIO 2.jpg

Born in Germany, Mario's parents moved the family to Ghana when he was just two years old  - and despite moving back to Germany for schooling, the bug had already bitten and they returned to various corners of Africa frequently in the years to come. It was probably a wild trip through Ruaha and Selous in Tanzania that sealed the deal and got him lost to the African continent for good.


During his studies in Zoology, Mario started working in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia. After completing his Masters, he was asked to run a safari camp – he subsequently forgot about the idea of doing a PhD very quickly! Years of involvement in building and managing camps, marketing safaris and getting involved in conservation followed. In 2020, Mario created his own specialist DMC to help others to share all that is wonderful and unique about Zambia. His passion and knowledge are infectious and we are lucky to count him as a friend and collaborator of The Lost Society.

Last known location: Mario and his beautiful family live in Hout Bay, Cape Town

Next stop: At a wild guess... Zambia

Favourite sundowner: Zambian 'Mosi' beer, preferably overlooking the Luwi River bed in the Luangwa


Claudia - South Africa

Yoga instructor + hiking guide + all round beautiful soul

Claudia 1.jpg

Claudia is a thoroughbred German, born and raised and still residing in Cape Town. Having travelled extensively throughout her life, she has seen what the grass on the other side looks like and has decided that nowhere is it greener than her beloved home and playground between the mountains and the sea.

"There is something about the colour of the sky in Cape Town, the taste of the water and the glow in people's  eyes here that makes me feel truly alive, and forever at home".

In her work she wears a hat with many feathers; yoga instructor and hiking guide, retreat host, cook, artist and sometimes dog walker. Her love of adventure always has her looking for new experiences on the roads less travelled, making her a true blue member of The Lost Society.

Last known location: Somewhere up Table Mountain with a flask of tea and her best and furriest friend, Mila

Next stop: Catering a retreat in Mozambique 

Favourite sundowner: Feet buried in the sand, with an ice cold beer or a margarita

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