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Your Stay



Completely off grid and unplugged, our living wagons are hand-made from salvaged materials and feature wood fired stoves, custom-made memory foam mattresses, down and feather duvets and pillows, luxury linen and local farm produce.  


Come for peace and quiet, hill hiking to country pubs, big skies renowned for their sunsets, guided wildlife-watching by moonlight (seasonal), sundowners, bird-watching, bee-keeping, campfire coffee sessions.

Key information

Cooking – cooking can either be done on the gas hob inside the shepherds hut/gamekeeper’s wagon, or on the tripod bbq grid outside over the fire pit. There are bbq tools provided.

Drinking Water – drinking/cooking/washing up water is provided in a glass dispenser inside your hut/wagon and can be refilled as required. 

Compost Loo – each living wagon has its own outdoor 'loo with a view'

Safari-style 'bucket' shower – Heat up your water, fill up the bucket, enjoy an exhilarating al fresco shower! Organic shampoo, conditioner and body wash are provided

Washing up – a washing up bowl and eco sponges/tea towels are provided, as well as eco washing up liquid. 

Fires – One bag of firewood, some kindling, eco firelighters  and night briquettes are provided. Additional supplies can be purchased on site

Woodburner – we provide eco firelighters, kindling and firewood for the wood burner. In the colder months we will also provide night briquettes so that you can keep the inside of the hut/wagon warm during the night. If you are not confident with making this type of fire, please just ask and we will show you what to do. 

LED storm lanterns – these lanterns are re-chargeable and some of them also have a USB socket so you can use them to re-charge your phone if you need to.

Fire extinguisher – there is a fire extinguisher provided in each hut/wagon. 

Smoke/carbon monoxide detector  - the wagons are fitted with dual smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

Hot water bottles – hot water bottles are provided

Muddy boots/wellies – We suggest bringing wellies and/or walking boots, as well as a pair of flipflops/slippers to wear inside the hut. Something that can be slipped on and off easily if you need to pop out to the loo for example (Crocs are great for this!)

Linger, verb /ˈlɪŋɡə(r)/ 1. To stay on in a place longer than expected, as if from reluctance to leave. To dwell in contemplation, thought or enjoyment.

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