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The Lost Society Manifesto:


“I hereby promise to leave no stone unturned, no ocean unsailed, no fear unconquered, along my journey of discovery. I promise to leave every detail exactly as I found it, so that others may discover it anew; untouched and untamed, just as I did, for themselves.”

Our Philosophy


Travel is a very personal thing. Some are looking to step out of their comfort zone and get lost, whilst others may already feel lost and are hoping to find themselves again. We believe that your travel experience is an outward expression of your personality, therefore your enjoyment of that experience depends upon our understanding of you, our local knowledge, and finding the right fit.


We design bespoke travel experiences, adventures and leaps into the wide blue yonder. Specialising in Southern Africa, we find the hidden gems, unique hideaways and authentic adventures that we believe represent all that is good about travel; Genuine, warm, passionate people; intimate, barefoot luxury accommodation; wild, unspoilt locations; delicious, home-cooked, local delicacies; and stories, so many heart-warming, soul-satisfying stories...


And then we share them with you. 


Our hope is that you will go home not having simply been a spectator, but that you will have explored the culture, sights, sounds, tastes and smells, to have let go of everyday life and truly become a part of something different, to have felt the magic of Africa.


All of the people, places and experiences that are part of The Lost Society recognise and share the same vision, and will go above and beyond to bring it to life.


Whether you are looking for luxury, rustic, rural retreats, exhilarating adventure or rest and relaxation, your Lost Society experience will be unique and special.

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