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Ranch Retreats


If there is one thing that we can all probably agree on, its that 2020 has been a pretty steep learning curve. And if we have learnt nothing else, its that we should never take our health or our freedom for granted.


Our small group wellness retreats in the heart of ranching country in the magnificent Great Karoo, provide the perfect space to disconnect from the madness of modern life and reconnect with the things that really matter.


Embrace the freedom of one of the wildest parts of South Africa and become one with the silence and vastness of the mountains.

Our ranch horses are carefully selected for their temperaments. Each one has their own unique personality and ability to teach and heal, and plays an integral role in this retreat.


Suitable for both experienced and inexperienced riders, however the pace is determined by mother nature and the comfort and wellbeing of the group and the horses will always take precedence over the enjoyment of one or two guests.


If you are an experienced rider and would prefer a more fast paced riding experience, perhaps one of our Cattle Drives would be more your speed.

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