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What is travel design?

We are not a traditional tour operator or a travel agent. We don’t

own, nor are we owned by, any one or any thing else; no hotel chains,

no heavily incentivised sales teams, no pyramid schemes or rigid

contracts, no off-the-shelf packages or quotas to reach.

We have spent years and invested our lives in travelling and

researching every place we recommend.

We do have close relationships with a network of incredible people

who live extraordinary lives in amazing places, who love nothing more

than to share their worlds. These people are like family to us and we

all work together to design travel experiences that money alone

cannot buy.

Travel design is:

Personal – Think of us as friends and hosts

Bespoke – Your itinerary is designed especially, and only, for you

Inclusively exclusive – We design uniquely special travel experiences for uniquely special people, regardless of means. From the most luxurious lodges to a rooftop tent under the stars, whether you see Table Mountain by helicopter or on foot; the thread is The Lost Society magic.

When you become part of The Lost Society you become part of a tribe, and our tribe welcomes you.

What to expect from us:

Personal, friendly, honest advice 

Bespoke, personalised itineraries and one of a kind experiences

Unique, exclusive group journeys and retreats 

Whatsapp communication from booking and throughout the duration of your trip

In-country emergency contacts 


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