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Leather glasses cord. Handmade in South Africa


Never lose your favourite sunnies again!


Netjies is the Afrikaans word for "neat". It's used to compliment a person's look, space, or in this case; craftsmanship.


Based in Hoedspruit, South Africa (the gateway to the Kruger National Park), and surrounded by the beautiful African bush-veld, Netjies draw their inspiration from the safari lifestyle.


Werner aims to grow the brand and his team, to uplift and employ more members of the Hoedspruit Rural community.


While we love to buy British, as a travel company, we also feel its important to support the people and communities that we and our guests meet when we travel. The travel industry provides jobs and livelihoods for a whopping 10% of the world's population, but it is often seasonal and as we have seen during covid, never guaranteed. By supporting carefully selected small makers in tourism hotspots, we can continue to contribute to their economy from home, long after our own adventures there have come to an end.

Netjies - Leather Glasses Cord

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