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Ros makes small batch, slow crafted, hand dyed ribbons, accessories and homewares using the alchemy of 100% plant based dyes, which are natural and non toxic.


Our socks are made with unbleached, natural wool, from lowland grazing Irish Jacob sheep. Knitted in Ireland. Hand dyed using natural plant extracts.


Please note these socks are made in very small batches so there may be slight variances in colour.


Size 4-7


Our process is 100% natural, slow and sustainable and care for the environment is at the heart of what we do. Waste water is reused on the garden and allotment, dye pulp is composted which in turn feeds our soil. Our packaging is 100% plastic free and we use recycled and unbleached materials wherever possible. Our detergents are ecologically sound, threads and elastics are organic and sustainable.

Plant-dyed British Wool Socks

  • Hand wash in warm water with just a little eco detergent. Allow to dry naturally, away from heat.

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