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These beautiful incense cones come in four distinct scents; Bala (rose in Japanese), Ichijiku (Fig), Jasumin (guess...) and our personal favourite, Otela (meaning 'temple' in Japanese) which is inspired by Japanese temples and infused with patchouli and citrus.


TOMINAGA-YA are a truly wonderful London-based Japanese/British couple (Aki & Paul) with a passion for handmade goods. Their range of incense cones, soya candles and room sprays are made with natural essential oils blended to create signature fragrances by Tominaga-ya themselves. The product names such as Otela, Bala and Ichijiku, and the aesthetic of Tominaga-ya’s logo are a blend of Japanese and Western cultures that offer refined scents with a hint of nostalgia, designed to transport you to far off places.

Tominaga Ya - Room Fragrance

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